E-Mail Delivery & Monitoring.


At the core of almost every digital business communications you still will find E-Mail.

Every minute millions of E-Mails are send worldwide, but over 65% of them are Spam. Therefore all Internet Service Providers strive very hard to reduce unwanted E-Mails to a minimum, often rejecting the delivery of perfectly legal E-Mails.

GRALKE AUGUSTO provides a wide range of Setup, Support and Development Services for POSTMARK and DMARC DIGESTS, both worldwide market leaders in E-Mail Delivery & Monitoring.

E-Mail Delivery

POSTMARK, the fully GDPR compliant E-Mail Delivery and Tracking Service Provider has been delivering Billions of E-Mails per year, since 2010.

Get your E-Mails sent while robust reporting gives you a clear picture of what happens behind the scenes e.g. if the E-Mail was delivered, opened, clicked, bounced or rejected.

A searchable activity feed enables you to filter by date and events and to view the activity history for the last 45 days.

E-Mail Monitoring

DMARC DIGESTS, by POSTMARK, offers a wide range of services to protect your E-Mail deliverability.

Authentication issues that prevent your email from reaching the inbox are fixed and you can see who is sending E-Mails using your own domains.

View all E-Mail Sources along with their DMARC Compliance for the past 60 Days and receive Weekly and Monthly E-Mail Digests highlighting your delivery issues.

Custom Webhooks Development.

A custom developed webhook allows GRALKE AUGUSTO to immediately notify you when an event occurs e.g. when an E-Mail has been Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Bounced or has caused a SPAM Complaint.

A wide range of Services.

GRALKE AUGUSTO provides a wide range of Setup, Support and Develpment Services to aid you with your E-Mail Delivery & Monitoring.


Includes Account Setup and Testing, Administrator Setup and Guindance.


Includes additional User Setup and Guidance plus Online User Support.


Includes Template and Webhooks Programming plus Bounce Setup.

"We have been working with GRALKE AUGUSTO for 20 years now and are more than happy with their solutions & services."

Fernando Mota
Director, Quinta do Lago Country Club

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