GRALKE AUGUSTO is offering Online Business Services  since 1997 and provides a wide range of Setup, Support and Develpment Services to aid you with your E-Mail Delivery & Monitoring.

POSTMARK is the developer of a worldwide leading E-Mail Delivery and Tracking Application and has been delivering Billions of E-Mails per year, since 2010.

DMARC DIGESTS, by POSTMARK, is the developer  of an innovative E-Mail Monitoring Application, designed to protect your E-Mail deliverability.

N.B. Gralke Augusto is not afiliated in any way with neither POSTMARK os DMARC DIGESTS.


GRALKE AUGUSTO provides the following Services for POSTMARK and DMARC DIGESTS:

SETUP Includes Complete Account Setup and Administrator Guidance.

SUPPORT Includes additional User Setup and Guidance plus Online User Support.

DEVELOPMENT Includes Template and Webhooks Programming plus Bounce Setup.

POSTMARK provides E-Mail Delivery.

DMARK DIGESTS provides E-Mail Monitoring.


Support and Development Services are billed by the minute and tracked by an independent application.

Both E-Mail Delivery and E-Mail Monitoring can be ordered directly at POSTMARK and DMARC DIGESTS, respectively, or through GRALKE AUGUSTO.



All Services provided by GRALKE AUGUSTO are pre-paid and based on a Retainer System, starting at 100€ per account, adjustable for larger accounts. Smaller accounts are billed quarterly, larger accounts monthly.


Company A uses

in the 1st month 10€ for E-Mail Delivery and 20€ for Development;

in the 2nd month 10€ for E-Mail Delivery;

in the 3rd month 10€ for E-Mail Delivery and 10€ for Support;

The total to be billed at the end of the quarter would be 60€.

Company B uses

in the 1st month 20€ for E-Mail Delivery, 10€ for E-Mail Monitoring, 20€ for Support and 40€ for Development;

The total to be billed at the end of the month would be 90€ plus 100€ to increase the retainer to 200€.


A custom developed webhook allows GRALKE AUGUSTO to immediately notify you when an event occurs e.g. when an E-Mail has been Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Bounced or has caused a SPAM Complaint.

N.B. Webhooks development costs are billed once, hosting is free of charge.


All Services provided by GRALKE AUGUSTO are pre-paid and based on a Retainer System, starting at 100€ per account.

Please click here for POSTMARKs Terms of Service.

Please click here for DMARC DIGESTS Terms of Service.

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